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“Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.” Proverbs 25:28
Things that hurt my children make me angry. I know anger is one of my weaknesses. When something isn’t done correctly, I often lose self-control. When I do, God isn’t honored.
          During my daughter’s senior year a coach at school was not handling things fairly. I had thyroid cancer and the surgery and treatments left me without that vital hormone. I was in a weak position and my emotions were raw. That didn’t give me a license to do things my way instead of God’s.
          My words to the coach, my words in front of my daughter, even words in front of friends were angry and hateful. I was in a position of leadership at church. I knew what God’s word said, but I thought my way was better. When my first meeting didn’t accomplish what I thought should be done, I went higher.
          All of that happened many years ago. I still have regrets about the way I handled things. I’m not saying the coach handled things correctly, but I am saying I could have managed my part much better. I have bad feelings to this day. My daughter says it was a long time ago and I need to let go of it. It’s hard to let go when you know you failed to let God work things out His way.
          If we are Christians our actions should reflect our Lord and Savior. When we do things God’s way, not acting until we know we are in concert with Him, things always work out much better—there are no regrets when He is honored.
          We have a choice each and every time we speak, to honor God or do things our own way. I chose the wrong way. I let my emotions run ahead of God and failed to seek His best way of dealing with things. My daughter showed more maturity than I did. That gets your attention.
          What situation are you facing today where you have a choice in how to respond? Are you lacking self-control? How is your judgment skewed toward your desired outcome when perhaps God has something different in mind?
          Take the time to pray through the situation. Don’t act until you see clearly what God would have you do. Rather than losing self-control, honor God by letting Him take control.

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  1. Very true Norma and beautifully said. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very true Norma and beautifully said. Thank you for sharing.

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