The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife by Nan Jones

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The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife by Nan Jones

Nan Jones’ new book, The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife, will guide you through the calamities of life and restore your confidence in God’s purpose and plan for your life and ministry. We would love to hear your comments! Sign in with the Rafflecopter at the end and gain extra points toward winning a signed copy! 



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Welcome Nan, it may seem obvious from the title of your book, but please tell us in your own words what audience you are targeting.

The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife was written for the pastor’s wife who was caught off guard by the spiritual bloodshed that can occur in ministry. I want her to know she is not alone in those turbulent waters. Many women, especially those in leadership positions, have benefited also.

 What is the most exciting part of being able to interact with your readers?

I love when the words of my heart meet a deep need in the life of my reader. That’s how it should be, I think. If our work is committed to the Lord and done for His glory – whether non-fiction or fiction – then we should be able to see His purposes unfold. What an amazing blessing to know that the Lord is working through us.

Tell us something about yourself, Nan.

I live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina (Ashe County) about 10 minutes from Virginia and about 20 minutes from Tennessee. My home is a farmhouse built in 1895 with a much loved wrap-around porch, complete with rocking chairs and porch swing, that replenishes my spirit when I feel worn. I have three adult children in their late 20s and one grandchild. Talk about joy! I love the dynamics that occur in a parent-adult child relationship. Watching the fruit of my labor sweeten the world around them is a delight of my heart. My simple country home wouldn’t be complete without my Mastiff, Blue – a 125 lb. hunk of love and two country cats. When I’m not writing or preparing messages for  my speaking ministry, you’ll find me gardening, crocheting, reading or sharing a cup of coffee with a friend.

How did you get started writing?The Perils of a Pastor's Wife

As a child I was an avid reader and have always enjoyed the power of story. I am also an artist. Around age 10 or so, I realized that I could put my two passions together and paint with my words. That’s when I fell in love with words! I wrote poems and short stories. I made designs with random words. I experimented with rhythms created by different sequences of words. This love of words seemed to ooze out of me. When I was 12 I made a list of my life goals. Writing a book was number one.

Throughout my life writing was a hobby. I used my talent to help with church newsletters. I wrote poems and made cards as gifts. Occasionally I’d write a small piece for publication in an anthology, but writing was still something I did, not something I was. About five years ago my husband and I went through an extensive period of unemployment. It was at that time that my husband encouraged me to pursue my dream of writing full-time. And I did. I created my blog, Morning Glory, began networking with other writers and professionals in the industry, and studied the craft of writing diligently. I still do.

Who was the first author who inspired you to write?

Like most writers I have many favorites, but I’ll tell you about my all-time favorite—an author you may never have heard of. Her name is Margaret Jensen. Margaret died several years ago at the age of 91. She was of Norwegian descent. Her father was a missionary in remote parts of Canada in the early 1900s. Margaret’s books are filled with stories of faith and God’s miraculous

provision throughout her lifetime. She wrote as if the reader were sitting with her sharing a cup of coffee and conversation. That’s my goal in writing.

Margaret was also a pastor’s wife who endured some intense battles for the Kingdom. In her book, The Sun is Shining on The Other Side, she tells the story of one such pastorate. We had just gone through our first nightmare in ministry. As I read her words I cried. I realized that somewhere, somehow, someone knew what I was going through! I wrote her a 10 page letter to which she replied, “Are you a writer? You must be a writer!” God used her to confirm my desires. He also used Margaret to plant the seed for The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife.

What inspired The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife?

I served as a pastor’s wife for 31 years. These were some of the most fulfilling and rewarding years of my life. These years were also some of the most trying—not necessarily because of the people, but because of the spiritual battle that raged. Our lives could be turned upside down as quickly as the wind changes in a storm. A pastor’s wife knows what it is to feel completely alone in the middle of a crowd. We are known to have trust issues—wondering who we can really be ourselves with and share our hearts with when we’re troubled. Rejection is another deep-seeded hurt that most folks don’t’ think about when they consider the lives of pastors and their wives. We love our church people like they are family. When we are asked to leave or voted out because of the annual confidence vote it’s like going through a divorce. The pain is unbearable.  But most people don’t think about that. I knew that other pastors’ wives needed to know that they were not alone in their struggles and that someone understood what they were going through.

The Lord has taught me so much through this journey of service to Him—lessons of His faithfulness, lessons of His pleasure in obedient hearts, and lessons of finding shelter beneath the shadow of His Wing. I am so thankful He asked me to share this with His girls.

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Nan's book launch 1Tell us about the greatest problem/challenge you faced in writing this book.

The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife is written with raw, authentic emotion because I want the reader to realize that I too, have experienced exactly what she has. Reliving the pain was difficult, but necessary to make a difference in the lives of others.

What do you want your readers to gain by reading your book?

My heart’s cry is that the pastor’s wife will realize she is not alone—that someone understands how she feels. I want her to walk away from this book with renewed confidence in her calling, with healing deep in her wounded spirit, and the realization that in her darkest moments God was with her—He is faithful.

Share with us a moment when something one of your readers said or wrote gave you pause, inspired you to think about your work in a different way.

When I write, I close my eyes and “experience” what I’m writing about—the sights, the sounds, smells. I love to paint with my words. Several months ago I received an email from a woman that I don’t know, but she came across my blog online. Betty lost her sight 20 years ago. Before that, she told me that her greatest joy was to go out into nature and worship the Lord because of the beauty of His creation. Since her blindness she could no longer do that. She could worship Him in church and through her life, but she no longer had the joy of being mesmerized by His creation. Betty told me that through my blog—the painting of my words—she has been transported back to the time of her sight and the wonders of her Creator. I cried when I read her words. I was amazed, humbled that the Lord would use me in such a remarkable way. I’m still amazed. And thankful. Very thankful.

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Do you have a favorite or signature Bible verse?

Yes, Exodus 33:14: “And the Lord said to him [Moses], ‘My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest.'”

What events in your personal life have most impacted your writing, and how?Nan's book launch 2

I have suffered much loss in my life. My mom died when I was 20, changing my life forever. My brother committed suicide 12 years ago; 6 weeks later my dad was diagnosed with leukemia and succumbed to the cancer 7 months after this. I’ve journeyed through the heartbreak of a prodigal child and held another in my arms on the way to the hospital because depression consumed him and he no longer wanted to live. In and out, and in-between all of this were the many trials of ministry—the gut-wrenching pain of rejection that comes when the “control people” of a congregation determine it’s time for the pastor and his family to leave because change is happening and they don’t like it.

There have been times that I was so overcome with sorrow that I could no longer pray. All I could do was to speak the Name of Jesus. Over and over again, “Jesus.” He drew near to me in response to my cry and taught me to open my eyes to see Him and my ears to hear His sweet whispers of love. I learned to rest in His Presence—just being. Not striving. Not running my mouth. Just basking in His love. These are the things I write about and the things I teach about when I speak at events.

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What’s one of your favorite quotes?

I actually have 3, all of which are taped to my computer.

  • “Prayer is the alpha and omega of planning. Don’t just brainstorm; Praystorm.” ~ Mark Batterson
  • “It’s impossible to throw cold water on a dream birthed in the fire of God’s Revelation.” ~ Matthew Barnett
  • “God is too good to be unkind. He is too wise to make a mistake. So when we cannot trace His hand, we must trust His heart.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

Would you like to tell us about your next book?

Yes, I’d love to. I’m working on another non-fiction piece tentatively called SEEING BEYOND THE VEIL: Finding the Nearness of God When You Need Him the Most. It’s all about learning to look for the evidence of God in our lives. You know, we tend to think that when we’re going through a difficult time God has abandoned us. Through my own sorrows I’ve learned deep in my knower that during my darkest moments, that’s when the Lord is closest—He is drawn to our pain. But I must open my eyes to see Him. That’s the veil I’m referring to, not the veil in the temple that separated God’s people from Him—the one that was torn in two when Jesus died. No, I’m referring to the veil that separates our physical world from the spiritual world. The Lord promised to be with us always, but we often fail to see Him, especially when we need Him the most. Seeing Beyond the Veil will teach the reader how to open her eyes to see Him, and in the seeing, the child of God learns the very essence of who He is. I’ve recently started a Facebook community page by the same name, Seeing Beyond the Veil. I get carried away when I speak about this because I love to share lessons learned, so I’m sorry I rambled. Suffice it to say that I’m very excited about sharing what the Lord has shown me about His faithfulness and His Presence surrounding us always. There will be a bible study for small groups by the same name to follow, so stay tuned.

Nan, please give us the first page of The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife.



ONLY GOD KNEW where my husband was. I had run from the business meeting before its completion. Tempers flared. Tongues were unleashed, and nearly three years of fruitful ministry were all but destroyed. My heart beat madly within my chest, fighting desperately not to break from the pain of rejection. Angry tears stung my cheeks as I bolted from the sanctuary. I didn’t know if I could continue in this thing called ministry. God was asking too much of me.

My husband, David, and I had been ministering in the small rural church for three years. Under his leadership and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the church had experienced exponential growth. God’s mercy and grace flowed into the lives of our people. Church had become a place of joy, restoration, and refuge.

Then evil reared its ugly head.

Book Blurb:

The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife will guide you through the calamities of life and         restore your confidence in God’s purpose and plan for your life and ministry.

About the author:

Nan Jones 1Nan Jones is an author/speaker who uses the words of her heart to assist fellow Christians in discovering the Presence of God in their darkest hour. Her devotional blog, Morning Glory, has become a place of community for Christians to find encouragement in God’s Word and comfort in His Presence. She has been published in several anthologies as well as the online inspirational sites Christian Devotions, and Inspire a Fire. Nan has also had the honor of being featured as a guest blogger on several sites. She is thrilled to announce her debut book, The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife released June 30, 2015 by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. When Nan is not writing, she enjoys leading prayer retreats, bible studies or sharing God’s love as keynote speaker for special events. She is becoming known by her brand: “Even so, I walk in the Presence of the Lord” as she teaches her audience to go beyond the veil to find God’s Presence. You may visit Nan at her website: or her blog, Morning Glory: Nan has also created a facebook community page, Seeing Beyond The Veil, to provide a place for folks to go and get away from the chaos for a few moments and focus on Jesus through scripture, worship, testimony, and inspirational quotes. For personal communication you may email Nan at

Connect with Nan:

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  1. Norma, thank you so much for having me as your guest. What a blessing! I can’t wait to see who wins the autographed copy of The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife.

    • You are so welcome, Nan! It’s my pleasure!

  2. Loved the article. As a pastor’s wife, I can’t wait to read this one!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Holly! This is a truly remarkable book! I know it will bless you!

    • Holly, my prayer is that it will touch you deeply in those places that many people don’t understand about pastors’ wives. We have our own little club, don’t we? Sweet blessings to you, Nan

  3. As a new pastor’s wife, I am always searching for the advice of those who have gone before me. There are so many daily struggles between wife, mother, ministry, and all the in-betweens, I can’t wait to read Nan’s book!

    • I know it will be a blessing to you, Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Elizabeth, that thrills me. Being a pastor’s wife is so special, but it can be difficult at times. I pray this book will give you strength for the journey as you step out with your husband to serve the Lord and shepherd His people. Bless you, Nan

  4. I went to a church where pastors came and went as though through a revolving door because the congregation abused them, but thought it was one church in a million. I left quickly. So sorry there is so much pain involved.

    • Thanks for taking time to comment, Pat. It is good for lat people to get a glimpse into the life of our pastors and their wives from time to time. Nan has done a great job of showing that without laying blame.

    • Pat, unfortunately that happens far too often. The wounds of a pastor and his wife can go deep with issues many don’t understand. The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife deals with these issues, but from the standpoint of God’s faithfulness throughout it all. I teach about the fellowship of His suffering – the intimacy that occurs when we realize that He is in the mix with us and He is honored by our sacrifice. I deal with the spiritual warfare, helping the reader understand that we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood (even though it sure feels like it), but with principalities of darkness. I tackle many other issues headon, but the underlying theme is “if God be for me, who can be against me.” I pray daily for my readers that the Lord will encourage and strengthen them and that He will draw them nearer to the shadow beneath His wing. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Bless you, Nan

  5. I know we are kindred spirits because I am a Pastor’s wife as well. And, Margaret Jenson had a huge impact on my life. Have you read “First We have Coffee?” Every one of her books sits on my book shelf. I’m also published with LPC. Golly, one day we need to sit and have coffee together. Perhaps, I’ll win your book and reading it will be the next best thing. May God bless your work for Him.

    • Elaine! How crazy is that? Margaret’s book, First We Have Coffee, was the first book of hers I read. I have every one of them too. I loved that woman. Many of the lessons she shared from her childhood I applied to my own children as they grew. My favorite was probably the one about having a thankful heart (remember the old shoes out of the missionary barrel she had to wear to church?) I loved that story. Do you ever go to Writer’s Boot Camp at The Cove or to BRMCWC (Blue Ridge Writers)? Maybe we could meet there one day. That would be wonderful. Bless you Elaine, Nan

    • Thanks for stopping by, Elaine!

  6. This would be an excellent book for my daughter-in-love, married to my pastor son. 🙂 Since his ordination in April, the enemy has increased his pressure on her and her family. We just returned from a week with them in their ministry as director and secretary of a church camp and saw firsthand a little of what they are going through.

    • It is a wonderful book for anyone in the ministry, Marjie! I hope it ministers to them! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Marjorie, I believe it will encourage and strengthen them too. The underlying theme is “if God be for me, who can be against me?” The pages are laced with His faithfulness in the midst of the perils that come our way because of ministry. It is written from a place of understanding, but also a place of wisdom gained from pressing into the Lord for 31 years. Sweet blessings to you, Nan

  7. I am looking forward to reading this book.

    • It is a great book for anyone, even non-pastor’s wives. Thanks for stopping by!

    • That’s wonderful Stephanie. Thank you. Are you a pastor’s wife? Many women who are not pastors’ wives have responded with accolades, which is such a blessing to me. I think all of us have experienced those times when we felt abandoned by the Lord. The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife offers reassurance and insight into those emotions. Bless you, Nan

  8. I am so looking forward to reading how your heartaches manifest themselves into your writing. I anticipate your book will be encouraging and spur others on in living out the abundant life, in spite of trials.

    • Nan writes with heart-rending, raw emotion. It is a book too good to be missed! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Sharon, Thank you for your kind words. You are right about your reference to the abundant life. Through these trials and sorrows I found THE abundant life – not things, but Jesus Himself. His peace. His joy. His love. THAT is living life with abundance. Sweet blessings to you, Nan

  9. Being a Pastor’s Wife myself, I look forward to reading this book!

    • Thanks for stopping by. It’s a must-read!

    • Leslie, I pray The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife will be a blessing to you – a source of encouragement and healing to the wounds we can’t easily share with others. Sweet blessings to you, Nan

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