Meet J.M. Hochstetler & The Northkill Amish Series

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Meet J.M. Hochstetler & The Northkill Amish Series

J.M. Hochstetler and her distant cousin, Bob Hostetler, have written two historical novels based on the true story of their ancestors’ expereiences on the American Frontier during the French and Indian Wars that are a must-read for every lover of American History. Not the typical Amish fiction, these are heart-stopping page-turners that you won’t be able to put down for their powerful authenticity. Mark your calendars for the Winner’s Choice Giveaway of one of J.M.’s historical fiction books in either print or Kindle starting Friday, September 8th!



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Meet J.M. Hochstetler

J.M. Hochstetler authorAn award-winning author and editor, J. M. Hochstetler is the daughter of Mennonite farmers, a graduate of Indiana University, a professional editor, and a lifelong student of history. Her American Patriot Series is the only comprehensive historical fiction series on the American Revolution. With Bob Hostetler, she authored Northkill, Book 1 of the Northkill Amish Series, closely based on the inspiring true story of their Hochstetler ancestors. Northkill won the 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Bronze Award for Adult Historical Fiction. Book 2, The Return, releases in Spring 2017. Her contemporary novel One Holy Night was the Christian Small Publishers 2009 Book of the Year and finalist for the American Christian Fiction Writers 2009 Carol Award.


 Books by J.M. Hochstetler

 Northkill & The Return

Northkill coverIn 1738 Jakob Hochstetler and his family immigrate to America, seeking sanctuary from religious persecution in Europe and the freedom to live and worship according to their nonresistant Anabaptist beliefs.

For eighteen years, the community lives at peace with its Indian neighbors. Then while the French and Indian War rages, the Hochstetlers’ way of life is brutally shattered. On the night of September 19-20, 1757, their home is attacked by a war party of Delaware and Shawnee Indians allied with the French. Facing almost certain death with his wife and children, Jakob makes a wrenching decision that will tear apart his family and change all of their lives forever.

Jakob Hochstetler’s refusal to take up arms against the Indians who attacked his Amish family’s home on the Pennsylvania frontier during the brutal raids of the French and Indian War cost the lives of his wife and two of his children. Carried away with his younger sons, Jakob is enslaved by the Seneca, while Joseph and Christian are adopted into different divisions of the Lenape tribe and struggle to adapt to new lives.

In The Return, Jakob plots a perilous escape in spite of overwhelming odds against succeeding. But even if he can get away, could heThe Return cover survive a harrowing journey over the hundreds of miles of rugged terrain that lie between him and his Northkill community? Does home still exist? Are his older son and daughter, Johannes and Barbara, still alive? Will he ever find his boys and bring them home?

Northkill is closely based on an inspiring true story well-known among the Amish and Mennonites. It has been documented in many publications and in contemporary accounts preserved in the Pennsylvania State Archives and in private collections.


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  1. I’d loved Joan books from ghe very first one i read, which wa “Daughter of Liberty” , the first one in the American Patriot Series.. I was hooked to her books. I’ve read the books in the American Patriot Series a least four (some maybe five) times. I’m looking forward for “Refiner’s Fire”. to be out!

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