Meet Larry W. Timm, author of Murder for Emily’s Sake

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Meet Larry W. Timm, author of Murder for Emily’s Sake

Larry Timm is a pastor, author, husband, and father. I know you will enjoy meeting him and hearing the story behind Murder for Emily’s Sake. His book was written while facing hard realities of his daughter’s life-threatening illness. I know you’ll enjoy meeting him. You’ll have the opportunity to win a copy of his book beginning Friday, September 22nd!



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Meet Larry W. Timm

Larry W. Timm is a husband, father, preacher, and writer who loves creating stories with heart, soul, and high doses of adrenaline. He hasLarry Timm author always been intrigued by the power of words, and considers the stewardship of story to be a great joy and honor. Whether he’s writing fiction or non-fiction, he wants readers to be enlightened, inspired, and entertained.

A 1986 graduate from Ozark Christian College (Joplin, MO), Larry has been involved in church ministry for thirty years. He is currently serving as preaching minister with the Morton Christian Church (Morton, IL). His greatest joys are being a husband, father, and follower of Jesus Christ.


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Murder for Emily’s Sake

“On a moonlit night in Wichita, Kansas, a tormented father stands by the grave of his teenage daughter, Emily, and makes a chilling vow to avenge her death. Once he gets his hands on the three women he holds responsible for his daughter’s death, they will regret the day they met Emily outside the abortion clinic. He will expose a dark secret. He will bury them, as he buried Emily. Bury them alive. And after their caskets are in the ground, they will die…for Emily’s sake.”

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  1. Murder for Emily’s Sake by Larry Timm. I was given this book and my review is of my own free will. I truly enjoyed this story. It was well written. The characters were well developed and the story flowed well. It was a suspense story but not a nail-biter. But, it was the type of story that was hard to put down. It is a Christian book but not preachy. It has a touch of love story but not a true love story. It wasn’t a difficult read either. I would recommend this book to any teen or older who likes a good, clean suspense story.

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