The High Road – A 2MefromHim Devotional

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The High Road – A 2MefromHim Devotional

Choosing the high road often means remaining quiet when attacked with cruel words. It means keeping silent, as Jesus did under trial. When I am tempted to answer unfair accusations in kind, I must remember the example of my Savior and trust God to vindicate and heal.



2MefromHim Devotional

The High Road

Sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongues. Proverbs 10:19

The High Road scripture

Choose the high road. My mind whispered as cruel words sliced into my heart like a knife, leaving deep, painful gashes. I had no time to prepare to defend myself.

The day turned black as roiling thunderheads, racing ahead of an approaching squall. My heart’s storm burst forth in a torrent of rain, shouting, “Why?” But no answer came.

The adage “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is a lie. Words gnaw and tear like lion’s teeth, striking down their innocent prey. Their sharpened thrusts like knives, carve tender flesh, and raw nerves throb in agony.

If I want to teach others, I must be prepared to respond to assault in ways that honor God. Forgiveness costs, and makes it necessary for me to accept harsh treatment as Jesus did, without responding with unkind words or attempting to hurt my attacker.

The comfort of choosing the high road does not come as blows fall hard and bruises spread. Relief comes over time, as God pours out healing balm upon my soul, and says, “Well done. As I stifle the urge to cry for justice, God reminds me that He uses all situations for good in time.

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God desires me to leave vengeance to him and trust him to heal. My task is to yield my right to bitterness, leaving all to Jesus, who opened not his mouth. Unnatural and timid as such a response may seem, it served my Lord, and therefore, must suffice for me.

Forgiveness lies in praying for my attacker. Healing arises from rendering kindness in the face of pain. I must swallow the bitter words that rise like gall. God is my defender.

I honor God by trusting His recourse. I grow more like Him by seeking to understand my enemy’s pain. When I pray for God to minister love and grace to others, He spreads His comfort gently over my wounded heart like a blanket. To harbor animosity rips open sores, allowing the blood to flow again.

I can choose to walk the high road, and to my joy, God meets me there.

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Norma Gail author Norma Gail is the author of the contemporary Christian romance, Land of my Dreams, winner of the 2016 Bookvana Religious Fiction Award. A women’s Bible study leader for over 21 years, her devotionals and poetry have appeared at, the Stitches Thru Time blog, and in “The Secret Place.” She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America, Historical Writers of America, and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. Norma is a former RN who lives in the mountains of New Mexico with her husband of 41 years. They have two adult children.

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  1. I love this Norma. Such wisdom … thank you.

    • You’re welcome, Nan! God bless!

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