Fear is Louder Than Words by Linda Glaz

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Fear is Louder Than Words by Linda Glaz

Meet my guest, wife, mom, grandmother, author, editor, speaker,  and all around busy, ambitious lady, Linda Glaz. I know you will enjoy getting to know her and love her latest romantic suspense, Fear Is Louder Than Words as much as I do. Leave a comment and sign in on the Rafflecopter at the end for the chance to win two e-books! 



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Welcome Linda! You have a long career in both editing and writing. What is the biggest challenge/obstacle you face in protecting your writing time?

It’s difficult, because as an agent, my writers always come first. But I do spend in excess of 60 hours a week at the computer, so carving out time isn’t that difficult.

When did you first discover that you were a writer?

I was 13 and had to write a story for school. I WAS HOOKED!

If you could spend the day with a character from your all-time favorite novel, who would it be and what would you do?

Either Jane Eyre or Lizzie Bennett. And we’d go to a ball, of course.

Tell us why romantic suspense is your favorite genre.

I love to be able to write something scary that is real. It could really happen, not like Dracula or the like. I find it fun to sit and read a story that scares my sock off, and then I can get up and go about my business. Love it. Scare me!

What is your personal favorite out of all the books you have written?Fear is Louder Than Words

This book, Fear Is Louder Than Words!

How do you go about researching and creating a setting?

When I wrote this novel, I spent time with the producer for our local conservative talk show host. She really filled me in on some of the horrible experiences hosts can have. I create a setting by picking an area, and then combining fact with fiction to create just the right place.

How do you see the importance of Christian fiction?

I love it, but I prefer that it be very subtle so non-Christians might read it. What good is it preaching to the choir? We want to reach other people.

As a frequent faculty member at writer’s conferences and an editor, what is one thing you recommend to writers who are starting out?

Go to an agent or editor’s site and follow their directions EXACTLY. Don’t be cutesy or the like. Just be professional and send or do exactly as they ask.

What new lessons is the Lord teaching you right now?

Oh, patience and forgiveness. My two toughest foils.

What projects do you have coming in the future?

A story about a mother returning to a birthday sleepover only to find the entire house empty. Every parent’s nightmare, right?

Please share one of your favorite passages from Fear Is Louder Than Words with us.

Rochelle reached for the handle of her car, but someone snatched at her hat. She jerked free.

A scream tore from her throat. A loud pop! The heel of her boot. She pitched against the car where her head hit. Burned with pain.

“Don’t make another sound.” A man in a mask tangled his fingers in her hair. His other hand held tight across her mouth—smelled bad.

Her gaze widened.

“Look all you want. There’s no knight gonna show up to save you. Are you happy now, Princess?”

Green eyes bore down on her.

Leaning closer to her ear, he brushed the curls from her face with his lips.

A shiver ran the length of her body. He could have her purse. Where was it?

“Do you know what it’s like to have a parade of uncles scurrying through your front door like cockroaches, Princess?”

His fingers muffled her response. Her eyes blinked wildly, and he laughed the more she struggled.

“Makes it hard to believe God’s watching over you, doesn’t it?”

Book Blurb:

Rochelle Cassidy has the perfect life as a radio talk show host in the Detroit market, but her celebrity status doesn’t stop an angry listener from wanting her…dead.

Ed McGrath’s ideal life as a pro-hockey player doesn’t include a damsel in distress until the night he discovers Rochelle being attacked in a deserted parking structure.

Circumstances throw them together in more ways than one when Rochelle’s producer plays matchmaker. A sick boy, a corrupt politician, and questionable medical practices put more than merely Rochelle in danger, and still, her attacker shadows her every step.

Will Ed be able to break through her trust issues in order to protect her, or will she continue to see him as Detroit’s bad boy athlete? Her life AND his depend on it.

“Makes it hard to believe God’s watching over you, doesn’t it?” Tweet:

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About the author:

Linda GlazLinda, married with three grown children and three grandchildren, is a complete triple-A personality. How else would she find time to write as well as be an agent for Hartline Literary Agency? She loves any and every thing about the written word and loves when families pass stories along through the generations as her mother did with her. She was blessed to have served in the Air Force at a time when it wasn’t the politically correct thing for a woman to do. After teaching soccer nationally and women’s self-defense wherever the need arose, now, her greatest thrill is matching clients with publishing houses and hearing their voices when they get “THE CALL”. She’s an AWSA speaker and presents classes nationwide. She connects with authors through seminars, blogs, and anywhere a group congregates and talks books. She’s always looking for fresh voices in fiction, especially in historic romance and suspense.

Connect with Linda:

Website: http://lindaglaz.com/


Facebook Author Page: Linda Glaz

Goodreads: Linda S Glaz

Twitter: lindaglaz@lindaglaz

Book Link:

Twitter: lindaglaz@lindaglaz

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Christian-Suspense-stalker-suspicions-terror-ebook/dp/B0182K6S00/

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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog, Norma. I appreciate meeting folks!

    • You’re so welcome, Linda! I look forward to an exciting giveaway!

  2. What do I think? I think Linda can “scare the pants off you”, unless you wear suspenders! Ha. I am carrying her book with me every where I go–in order to keep reading. Took it to a writer’s conference this past week. Had to pry it out of my mother’s hands, in order to read it. Not really–I let Mom have “first reads”.

  3. Enjoyed getting to know you Linda through this interview. Have a blessed weekend! Thank you Norma for having her on here. 🙂

  4. What a fun interview! Linda, I think I could hear your “voice” even in your interview answers. Sounds like a great book.

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