Father’s Day by Fran Pasch

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Father’s Day by Fran Pasch

Fran Pasch, author of Double Vision, gives us a little different perspective on Father’s Day this week! I know you will appreciate what she has to say. I hope you will leave us a comment! We love to hear from you!



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A man who loves wisdom brings joy to his father… Proverbs 29:3

I had a good childhood. I knew that my father cared for me, but unfortunately he never could say “I love you.” As a child, he didn’t hear these words spoken openly, so it was difficult for him to verbally express his feelings to my brother and me. We felt that he loved us, but how wonderful it would have been if he could have said so before he died.

On the other hand, God, my Heavenly Father, tells me page after page in the scriptures how much He loves me. He even states that He knew me and loved me before I was born. How awesome!

God loves us unconditionally, with an everlasting love. He promises never to leave us nor forsake us and to supply all our needs.

Earthly fathers, on the other hand, have limitations and cannot meet all our expectations. But in spite of their shortcomings, each year we still set aside a special day to honor them.

The week before Father’s Day, people rush around shopping for cards and gifts. Some buy them out of duty, while others spend quality time seeking the perfect choice. Those who have lost their dads depend on memories to sustain them.

The world is caught up in honoring earthly fathers. Families get together for picnics and parties. Relatives that hardly ever see each other throughout the year somehow manage to join in the festivities. But isn’t it strange that most of us never think of honoring Our Heavenly Father in a special way on Father’s Day.

Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to do something to honor the Lord in a special way? There is no gift that we can buy Him, but wouldn’t He be pleased if we took time for praise and a personal prayer of thanksgiving! This Father’s Day I plan to do that.  Maybe you will too!

©Frances Gregory Pasch

Book Blurb: 

Crumpled paper towels. Embers in a wood stove. A crowded bird feeder. Can God speak to us through such commonplace objects? Can we catch a glimpse of Him in the midst of our routine activities?

Double Vision: Seeking God in Everyday Life Through Devotions and Poetry contains 30 devotions, each paired with a poem on the same subject—a double eye-opener. Viewing the same spiritual truth from two angles will help you see daily life from an eternal perspective. Pasch’s simple yet thought provoking analogies will prompt you to take a second look at the most ordinary experience.

Frances Pasch 2About the author:

Fran has lived in New Jersey all of her life. She attended Georgian Court College in Lakewood, New Jersey, which is now a university. She has a B.S. in Business Administration. She married her husband, Jim, in 1958. They have five grown sons and nine grandchildren.


Connect with Fran:

Website: francesgregorypasch.com

Book Links:Double Vision copy

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Double-Vision-Everyday-Through-Devotions/dp/193849993X/

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/double-vision-frances-gregory-pasch/1117955814?ean=9781938499937




  1. Hi Fran I really enjoyed this devotion. Thank you for the encouragement to honor our Heavenly Father more so than our earthly fathers. I also checked out your website and found you on Twitter. I love poetry! Have a blessed day! Blessings, Marcie 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Marcie! You and Fran have a lot in common!

    • Thanks, Marcie. I am happy that you enjoyed my devotion. I will be posting more pieces on my website. I hope we will keep in touch.

  2. I love the idea of giving the Lord a gift on Father’s Day. How beautiful! I think my gift will be a sacrifice of praise, knowing that I can always praise Him for who He is regardless of my circumstances.

    • It’s a special thought, isn’t it? Especially for those of us without our earthly fathers.

  3. Dear Marcie and Nan. Thank you both for your kind words. I hope we can keep in touch. Thanks, Norma for this opportunity to reach out on your blog.

  4. Very nice focus for Father’s Day! Fran’s book sounds lovely. Poetry too, wow! I love that Proverb. Lovely devotion!

  5. Thanks, Marcie, Nan and Bonnie. Thanks for your kind comments. I am happy that you all enjoyed my devotion. I hope you will keep in touch. Have a blessed week

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