Family Photo

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Family Photo

Do you have reservations to have your picture taken with the King? This week, Alisha Ritchie shares the importance of being included in the family of God.



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But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. John 1:12 NLT

I do not like to attend funeral services.  I am not quite sure anyone really does.  However, I received a special blessing at the visitation service for a friend’s dear mother.  While waiting in line, I was privileged to view some photos of the deceased lady and her family. Photography is a passion of mine so naturally these pictures caught my eye immediately.

The family prepared a wonderful display table of portraits and treasured items to represent their loved one.  There were dignified self- portraits and candid group shots. Numerous wedding photos and snapshots of grandchildren adorned the special table. I enjoyed looking at every single one of those precious memories.  My heart warmed at the loving tribute that was given to this woman’s life.

The photo that most caught my attention was that of her whole family.  All four of her children and countless grandchildren were posing for this one family photo. I was intrigued thinking of all the different personalities and age groups represented in this picture. It was evident to see the love these people shared because they were linked – they were family.

I thought about this picture for a long time and wondered why I loved it so much?   I finally concluded it reminded me of my faith.  One day, I will be posing for the most wonderful family photo ever, the one in Heaven with my Christian brothers and sisters.  The Bible reminds us in John 1:12 that as believers, we are children of God, His family.  How exciting it is to ponder being together and posing with our Heavenly Father for that group shot.  It’s even more compelling to know that God will treasure this photo because of the love that is shared between us.  I imagine He will value it so much that it will be framed in an ornate, gold frame.   Can’t you just visualize God searching for the perfect spot on His wall to hang the portrait?  Join me in knowing we are part of God’s most precious group.  Do you have a reservation to have your picture taken with the King?  I am hoping you will be right beside me, grinning from ear to ear, in that Heavenly family photo.

About the author:

Alisha RitchieAlisha Ritchie is a wife, mother of two wonderful children, Physical Therapy Assistant by profession, and dedicated church member and Sunday School teacher.  She resides in the small town of Stanfield, North Carolina, where she enjoys writing, spending time with her children, and ministering to others through her work and small group Bible studies.


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  1. What a wonderful day that will be! I look forward to taking that photo right alongside of you too! 🙂

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