Broken and Spilled Out by Marcie Warner Bridges

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Broken and Spilled Out by Marcie Warner Bridges

Broken and spilled out, we’ve all had those days, months, years–times when it seemed our hearts would never heal, times when the pain was too much to bear. Marcie Warner Bridges is a poet of exceptional talent with a heart for encouraging others. We have been sisters-of-the-heart since we met through our dear friend, Nan Trammell Jones, and she is a wonderful encourager and prayer warrior. Marcie lives what she writes. Please leave a comment at the bottom for a chance to win a signed print copy of her book, Broken and Spilled Out: Poetry and Prayers for the Hurting Soul. Sign in on the Rafflecopter for even more chances to win! 


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Broken and Spilled Out

Welcome, Marcie! It is such a delight to introduce one of my dearest friends and favorite poets to my readers. You are such a busy lady these days, aside from publishing your first book of poetry, Broken and Spilled Out. Tell us something about yourself.

Thank you for the warm welcome Norma, I am so honored you asked. My husband, Mark, and I have been married for 21 years and we have two beautiful teenage daughters. I recently graduated from college and am now working with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas as their Author Care Representative.  I am also an editor.

I have been writing poetry since I was 10 years old. Growing up I shared my poetry with just family and friends I thought would like it. I wrote a new poem for my mom and dad every Mother’s and Father’s Day. In high school I was published in the school poetry magazine, The Scroll, and was editor of it my senior year. After that I continued to write but didn’t share it very much. In college a few years ago I became discouraged when I was in a creative writing class and they didn’t like anything I wrote (mostly because it was too flowery, not angry with curse words). I quit writing and sharing until 2013 when I met a precious lady who encouraged me to send her some of my poetry. She loved it so much she continued to encourage me to share it on my blog. I have written more poetry since then than I had any other time in my life. The older I get, the more important it has become in my life to sort out my own emotions and to share my love of Jesus Christ and His Word through poetry.

Tell us something about what you see as the importance of poetry.

It seems that poetry is disappearing but actually it is transforming. We now have Poetry Slams where people can go and share their poetry in front of a crowd. We have coffee houses that allow poetry to be shared to their customers. You hear it in rap music (not my taste but if others like it then who I am to judge?) So I don’t necessarily see it disappearing. I believe poetry is essential to our world. It gives us the ability to say the things we are feeling and to share whatever messages with the world we would like to in a creative outlet.  I do believe poetry is meant to be spoken but if written well, it will stir hearts to empathy or anger or even to make a difference in the word when read. Did you know that 5 books of the Bible are called the Poetic Books? Yes! Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes are the Poetic Books. Poetry goes that far back in our history. It is definitely an essential element to life especially for prayer and meditation.


What led to the creation of Broken and Spilled Out: An Offering of Poetry and Prayers for the Hurting Soul?

There is not really a simple answer to this but I’ll try to answer it simply. I have been asked for several years to publish a book of my poetry but I’d heard over and over that poetry does not sale; especially in bookstores and through traditional publishers. I decided to self-publish my first book and after much prayer I heard God tell me this title: Broken and Spilled Out. I wasn’t sure I had enough material for it but I found out going through my poems that I had more than enough to show others that they are not the only ones who are hurting. The sub-title, “an offering of poetry and prayers for the hurting soul”, came much later when I realized I wanted to emphasize what the book really represented. We all have broken places in our lives. So as I worked on the book I realized I didn’t want to overwhelm my audience with heart-breaking poems but I wanted them to come away encouraged that with God’s help we can come out on the other side of that hurt to a better place in our lives.

What does the publication of Broken and Spilled Out mean to you personally? 

When I look through this book and read what God has penned through me I am overwhelmed by how He has been so faithful to me over the years. Several of these poems were written during some extremely heart wrenching times in my life ― not just the ones that are obviously about my brokenness, but also the ones that praise God during my brokenness. It chronicles God’s goodness, grace, mercy and love to me. And that brings tears to my eyes just writing that out.

How do you see the importance of poetry for the Christian?

Poetry for the Christian is fruitful for prayer and meditation. It can bring us to our knees in worship and to our feet in praise. It can soften our hearts to the Lord but it can also bring out the hurt in our hearts that we can offer to Him which will help us in the healing process.  In the Bible, King David wrote many of the Psalms. These Psalms are so rich in worship and love for God. He used it as a means to pour out His spirit to God. I would say that this is how we Christians even today can use poetry ― as a means to pour ourselves out to the Lord.

Share your writing process with us?

Hmmm…well, it goes something like this. I’m driving down the road and suddenly I see a tree budding or maybe it is Fall and it has transformed to rich autumn colors. All of a sudden my mind begins to churn with words that wrap themselves into rhyme. Most of the time I don’t set out to write a poem it just begins to write itself and I have to surrender to its call.  I do a lot of writing in my head while driving. The hard part about that is remembering what I was thinking when I get to where I am going so I can pull out my notebook and write it down. But more often than not, I am at home, praying and asking God to put words in my heart to share with others. Sunday’s are perfect days for writing poetry because I intentionally stay off of my computer and leave the television off as well as my phone so I can spend time with the Lord in His Word and prayer for my Sabbath day. It is also the day I write and put together my blog post for each week which I post on Monday’s. Each post has a poem and devotion.

What are three things you would like others to know about you, as a person, a believer, and a writer?

Oh goodness, let’s see.  I love life. I love people. I don’t mind sharing my age because I believe every day God gives us on earth is a birthday present to us. It’s another chance to praise Him and give Him glory for our time here on earth. As a believer, I fell in love with Jesus when I was five years young. It has not been an easy road, but God has been faithful to me and every time I thought I’d gone way too far He proved He hasn’t left me nor forsaken me. As a writer, I never thought I would be a writer. I thought I was going to be a singer on stage touring. But God has had other plans for me and I’m learning how much I love writing for Him.

If you could spend a day with a famous poet, who would it be and what would you do?

Oh my! Um, there’s so many but the person who comes to mind first is Helen Steiner Rice. She not only wrote thousands of poems but she was also the Editor at the Gibson Art Company in Cincinnati where they dubbed her “Ambassador of Sunshine”.  Doesn’t she sound just delightful?! Other favorite poets include Roy Lessin, Robert Frost, Emily Dickson, Shel Silverstein, George Herbert…to name a few.

Please share one of your favorite poems from Broken and Spilled Out with us.

I would love to! How about the very first poem in my book?


A poet posed in contemplative thoughts

Words stumbled and tumbled for recognition

Each one vying for her utmost attention.

Bible spread out on a lush, grassy knoll

Cloudy, blue skies and trickling brook show

God’s artistry of love – she desperately wants to paint

Lessons of faith needing practice in ink.

She seeks what she does not know

Pursuing knowledge and wisdom from her Lord

And as she picks up her pen to write

Messages written on faith not by sight

Words shower onto the page like rain

Quenching a thirst only

His living water can sustain.

© Marcie Warner Bridges

Book Blurb:

Are you feeling broken? Needing a place to find rest for your weary, worn out soul? Broken and Spilled Out: An Offering of Poetry and Prayers for the Hurting Soul is a collection of poems Marcie has written chronicling her journey from places of brokenness to healing. You will also find places to rest and pour out your own prayerful thoughts within the pages of this heart-stirring book.

marcie-warner-bridges-bookAbout the author:

Marcie Bridges is an editor and writer whose deepest passion is sharing her love of the Lord and His Word through poetry. Portraying difficult or emotional topics she deeply desires to encourage others in their walk with the Lord through the written word. Marcie has been published in several anthologies and frequently shares her work through her blog: Heart Thoughts She can be reached through email at

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  1. I love poetry and find it very relaxing to read .your book interests me because I do feel broken and want to find peace in my life. I have PTSD and live with anxiety , stress, flashbacks and depression everyday.

    • HI Deana, thank you for sharing with me. Through my broken times God has been my rock and my shelter from the storms. I pray you will be able to find the peace you are seeking through Him too. Blessings, Marcie 🙂

  2. I love to read poems that are borne of a poet’s faith journey. Poems like that are such an encouragement. Thank you for sharing your journey with us through your poetry .

    • Thank you so much Shirley. Blessings, Marcie 🙂

  3. What a great interview!! How fun 🙂 Norma, thank you for sharing Marcie with us.

    • As you know, it is a joy!

    • You’re always such a wonderful encouragement and blessing to me Nan. Thank you 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing this great interview. I agree 100% with Marcia Warner Bridges when she stated “Poetry is essential to our world.”

    • Bless you for taking the time to read this interview and commenting. Thank you, Marcie 🙂

  5. Norma, thank you so much for the blessing of this interview and the time you took to do this. I am so encouraged by the response it received. You did a great job putting this together. Thank you dear friend 🙂

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