Advice for Youth from “Diamond” Lillian Hughes

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Advice for Youth from “Diamond” Lillian Hughes

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My guest today is Amazon Best-Selling author, Jane Jenkins Herlong. I know you will appreciate what she has to say about respect!


“What advice for youth would you share?”  I posted this question on Facebook last week.  The answer is important to me since I am the closing speaking for Future Farmers of America October 31 LIVE on Rural 345 Direct TV. @NationalFFA My answer came the following day when I sat in First Baptist Church in Johnston, South Carolina at Lillian “Diamond” Hughes’ Celebration of Life Service. Yes, it was as genuine and sparkling as a pure-cut diamond…just like Lillian.  Her son, Bill shared great advice for youth from his mother, Lillian Hughes or as we called her, “Diamond Lil.”

“My mother taught me three things:  communicate with people in a manner that they can understand. She also taught me patience.” “Lastly,” Bury Me with My PearlsBill continued, “my mother taught me to have respect for others.”



“Many of you know that my mother was widowed at a young age. And she had three children to rear.  Late one night a robber broke into our home and stood at the foot of mother’s bed.  She rose up and to the surprise of the intruder, let expletive language fly,” Bill said.  Those of us who knew Lillian well completely understand that this woman was a consummate Southern lady BUT she had poignant “steel magnolia” moments. The intruder was so surprised he fled but not without being chased with a Smith and Wesson pistol concealed in her signature Gold Toe sock. The next day, Preacher Knight came to visit Lillian after hearing the story.  Holding her hand, Preacher Knight said, “Sister Lillian, what did you say to the intruder?” Lillian very wisely replied, “Preacher I would rather not say.” “Well,” continued Preacher Knight, “Whatever it was, I am sure the Lord put those words in your mouth.”



What Ta-Ta's Can Teach UsAfter smiles and a few chuckles, Lillian’s son, Bill continued to tell another story. “As Mother and I traveled down Highway 25, we came to a stop.  In the middle of that busy two-way road, a woman was knocking pecans from the trees with a long pole and sweeping them across the road. Cars behind us were so impatient and unhappy with my mother’s decision to wait on the women to finish her work.  My mother said, “Have patience and respect the hard work of others. I am not moving this car until she is finished.”



Tucked in the above lesson was the last “Diamond Lil” story; to have respect for others.


This is great advice for all people especially the youth of today. Share your advice; I would love to hear some other thoughts.


About the author:

Sharing Real-world Life Lessons (with a Southern Twist) to Inspire Audiences to Find the Funny in DysfunctionJane Jenkins Herlong


A former Miss South Carolina, an Amazon “Best-Selling” author, a professional speaker/singer, and heard ’round the world on Sirius XM, Jane entertains using funny, original Southern stories, folksy wisdom and singing to help folks live more productive, stress-free lives. Jane believes in the extraordinary healing power of humor and story telling.  This is evident in Jane’s most recent accomplishment of being an Amazon “Best-Seller” for her new book, “Bury Me with My Pearls.”


As a Southern Humorist, Jane combines humor, original Southern stories, and her award-winning singing (you may hear a parody or two) with life lessons. Combining her talents audiences “laugh at” while learning “how to” handle difficulties at home and in the workplace.


Jane is a Certified Professional Speaking (CSP), professional singer, recording artist and published author. Jane’s award-winning singing and humor is featured on Sirius XM Radio and Pandora. She criss‐crosses the country sharing her “down‐home principles delivered with uptown humor”. Jane has also spoken in New Zealand and Germany and is fluent in four languages: English, Southern, Northern and Gullah (gul‐la).


Jane Jenkins Herlong  - former Miss South Carolina 1Jane is active in her church and community and serves on an the Parent Board at Clemson University, Commissioner at Piedmont Technical College of South Carolina, Chair of the National Speakers Association Scholarship Committee and serves on the Foundation Board of the National Speakers Association.


However, Jane’s proudest accomplishments are being a wife and mother. Jane and her family live on the family peach farm in Edgefield County, South Carolina.


Jane’s book, Bury Me with My Pearls, is available at:

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  1. Enjoyed the article very much. A talented lady!

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