The Sound of Silence

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 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9a
I tried to speak and no sound came out. I could not even whisper. I couldn’t even call my husband.
          I went to doctors and they found nothing. They did a laryngoscopy and found nothing. The doctor called and told me to force myself to talk normally and get over it! How’s that for encouragement and professional advice? I was losing hope.
          The months dragged on. My notepad accompanied me wherever I went—including to the bank. My kids were away at school, so I learned to text message. E-mail was the preferred method of communication. For four and a half months I was trapped in a silent world with no hope of finding my way out.
          I had a Bible study to lead, a busy life to keep up with. Every woman in the Bible study had a chance to try leading. I sat silently with my notepad and wrote notes if necessary. Several discovered they could do something they never thought they could. The study went on as we learned a new way to be a vessel used by God, emptied of ourselves.
          My inner spiritual life soared. God frequently gives us object lessons to drive home the point He is trying to teach us. Lesson number one in relation to the Bible study—it’s not about me! At home—patience is a virtue. Over all—trust in the Lord and lean not on my own understanding.
          Eventually God led me to a speech pathologist at our local university hospital. Her laryngoscopy enabled her to see what no one else had—a condition which could be successfully treated with therapy. She thought twelve weeks—I spoke the first time. God will not let us suffer one moment longer than is necessary for teaching us the lesson He wants us to learn.
          What situation in your life seems hopeless? What frightens you? Everything God allows in our lives is something to be used for our benefit and His glory.    Whatever seems to be a roadblock in your life is the thing you need to give to God. Find it, give it to Him, and see what He will do.
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