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Our World Aflame Part 6: Turning a Deaf Ear

Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 | 6 comments

Our World Aflame Part 6: Turning a Deaf Ear

Our world is aflame with hatred and violence and Christians are all too guilty of turning a deaf ear. Like everyone else, I have my soapboxes. After 21 1/2 years of leading women’s Bible studies, I can truly say that the most life-changing studies were on the Book of Genesis, particularly the first 11 chapters. These chapters form a foundation for the entire Bible. All of the basic tenets of our faith are set forth here. If we don’t get Creation and God’s love and purpose for mankind right, if we don’t form a worldview based on biblical principles, our faith and our ability to present Christianity to those we meet is seriously crippled. If I appear preachy, read what God has to say in the scriptures I have used. If you disagree, study these passages with the references I’ve provided. It may kindle a new fire under your faith! 

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