The Gift of Sacrifice: Gifts of Christmas Part 2 – Devotional

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The Gift of Sacrifice: Gifts of Christmas Part 2 – Devotional

Sacrifice, the greatest gift Jesus Christ gave to the world. What better time that Christmas to create a habit of giving out of sacrifice rather than something that costs us nothing? 



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The Gift of Sacrifice

My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise. Psalm 51:17

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The children’s eyes danced with wonder and delight, thrilled more by a new coat than a doll, excited by the food box more than the presents in bright-colored Christmas wrap. Our youth group spent that long-ago Saturday delivering gifts to needy families, but I had never seen real need.

My friends and I crowded into the seat of my father’s pick-up, filled with boxes of gifts, food, clothing, toys, candy, all the things associated with Christmas. He drove us to an unfamiliar part of town where the houses were small and rundown. More than the poverty of homes with sparse furnishings, I remember the expressions on the faces. It was an uncomfortable sacrifice for teenagers unaccustomed to giving of our time and ourselves.

Images of that cold, windy Saturday has remained with me through many years. The face of real need. Delight over necessities rather than frivolities. Embarrassed thanks from those who must rely on the charity of others.

My father taught us to greet each family with genuine respect, to allow them dignity in receiving help from strangers. He accepted their thanks with grace rather than condescension, played with the children, and left everyone with a smile.

I’m not much of a shopper, but I love to shop for those I don’t know, who would have nothing for their children were it not for the kindness of others. I love the sacrifice and effort of filling a shopping cart with gifts to place a smile on the face of a child, and the opportunity to offer the message of the gift of the Christ Child.

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The hallmark of our giving should not be to outdo someone else, but an attitude of humility and sacrifice, recognizing God as the giver of every gift. A gift is worth little if it costs us nothing. We must sacrifice time, money, and effort to know the true joy of giving. Our greatest Christmas blessings should come through blessing others and sharing the sacrificial love of Christ.

God needs nothing from us. We are dependent on Him for everything. There is no greater blessing than to point not to ourselves, but to the Lord Jesus Christ as the giver of every good and perfect gift—life, both physical and eternal.

When we trust our needs to God, He enables us to be His hands in a hurting world. We can bring the message that Jesus sacrificed His life that we might have life. What better gift to offer on Christmas, or any other day of the year?

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