Readers, the Writer’s Heroes

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Readers, the Writer’s Heroes

Have you read a book and hoped for a sequel? Love a book and hoped it might become a series? What touches your heart might reach someone else’s also. You can influence the career of authors you love with just a few minutes of your time. 



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Readers are a writer’s best friends—the most influential component in the success of an individual author, book, or genre, though most have no idea of the power they wield. They can propel a book to best-seller status and even determine the most prominent way to read it, print, ebook, or audio. Most have no idea how much they influence the future of authors and their books.

The most powerful marketing tool is word of mouth. When you like a book, tell your friends and encourage them to tell others. There are so many writers and books on today’s market, and all are struggling for recognition. When you find one that is special, spread the news.

The market is slammed with books. When you find an author you like buy their books, give them as gifts, and suggest them to your library.

Every author needs reviews. It’s impossible to have too many. They need not be long or in-depth, just positive with reasons why others readers would enjoy or benefit from reading the book. Amazon reviews are simple to write. This link tells you all you need to know: Even if you don’t participate in Goodreads, it is a huge part of an author’s platform. Your review can be posted there also: If the book is on Barnes and Noble, post the same review there. One short review, three separate platforms, a chance to influence other readers and give the author a bit of encouragement.

Sales and reviews will influence the future ability of an author to publish more books. For an author with a traditional publisher, it can mean their future.

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Authors are very insecure when it comes to their books. If sales are slow, they become discouraged. A good review saying you appreciate their talent and hope to see more will make their day. Be honest with your stars, but unless there is something seriously wrong, don’t leave one or two star reviews. Why hurt someone because their book is just not your cup of tea?

If you blog, mention the books you like. Your platform as a blogger can influence a lot of readers. Invite the author to write guest blog, or interview them so your readers can meet them.

We live in a social media savvy world, so tell your friends on Facebook about a great read. Include a link to the book on Amazon so your readers can buy one while it’s fresh in their mind. If you’re on Twitter, tweet about the book you enjoyed and follow the author so you can retweet their tweets.

It’s a rough world out there in a market glutted with books. Give your favorite authors a hand up. They will do their best to never let you down. After all, you’re their heroes!

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