Obey Your Rulers

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“By me kings reign and rulers make laws that are just; by me princes
govern, and all nobles who rule on earth.” Proverbs 8:15, 16

Many are happy the election is over; many are disappointed in the results. No matter what your political leanings, the presidential election last week affected every US citizen, and the whole world watched. This is Election Day in “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” The results aren’t known as I write, but one thing is certain, God is in control.

          We live in a nation which truly is a melting pot of nationalities, religions, and political ideas. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a democracy. The United States of America is a Democratic Republic. It is not ruled by the people, but neither does the government hold all the power. The government is divided into the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The people vote for elected officials, but when it comes to the president, the Electoral College comes into play. It was established to keep the people from having the whole say and mob rule resulting, but the government can’t aside from the will of the people, thus leading to a dictatorship.

          As Christians we differ in our political leanings. We have should have a unique understanding though, which should keep us from fear and despair, no matter who the winner is. Our faith and our hope rest in Jesus Christ, not in the government of men.

          If thoughts of the future strikes fear in your heart, remember what God says about government. He is in control. Yes, we vote, and God sometimes gives us what we need rather than what we deserve. Sometimes He gives us exactly what we deserve. This has been a problem for Christians from the beginning. When the Pharisees asked Jesus whether or not they should pay taxes to Caesar, Jesus said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. He upheld human government.

          The apostle Paul told Christians to obey the government, in Romans 13. He said, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” We are to obey those who govern us.

          No matter what your feelings about the election, commit yourself today to pray for our leaders. Do not allow yourself to give in to despair or worry for the future. Trust God to care and provide for you and your family.

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