New Mexican Chili con Carne

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New Mexican Chili con Carne

The autumn weather can make me hungry for something warm and soothing. For a New Mexican, nothing speaks comfort like chili. Here is my favorite recipe for Chili con Carne! Enjoy! 



Wandering Wednesdays

Bonny Bryant, the main character in my novel, Land of My Dreams, accomplishes the admirable feat of getting her Scottish boyfriend to love New Mexican food. One of their favorite meals is her Chili con Carne. It’s perfect in any weather!

Many people and locations claim recipes to Chili con Carne. Being a native New Mexican, I am a self-confessed Chili snob. (I am certain Shirley Raye Redmond will agree!) Making Chili con Carne the New Mexican way requires a lot more chili heat than you will find elsewhere. This requires using chili powder from Bueno or a New Mexican supplier that comes in sandwich size bags, not just the little bottles found in the spice section of the grocery store. Another ingredient that New Mexicans would never use is black beans. Beans for truly great chili have to be pinto beans.

It is possible to cook Chili con Carne in a pot on the stove for a couple of hours and come out with passable results, but to have the best possible results, I suggest a slow cooker.

1 Medium onion, chopped

2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 pounds of ground beef, browned and drained (I prefer certified organic from Costco.)

4 cans of tomato sauce

32 oz. of cooked Pinto beans, either dry boiled until soft, or if in a hurry use two 16 oz. cans

Red chili powder to taste – How much will depend on the type, heat rating, and your own taste

Water – add to desired consistency

Salt to taste

Grated Cheddar cheese sprinkled on top

Flour tortillas to be served on the side

Brown ground beef with onion and garlic and drain.

In large crockpot, mix together 4 – 8 oz. cans of tomato sauce, 32 oz. of pinto beans, red chili powder, and salt. Add browned ground beef mixture, add water to correct consistency. Cook on low for 4-8 hours, stirring occasionally and adding more water if necessary.

Serve hot with grated Cheddar cheese sprinkled on top and a flour tortilla on the side.

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