His Power Through My Weakness

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’My power works best in weakness.’ So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9b NLT
No matter how I tried to speak, no sound came out! Something was terribly wrong. I had been fine the night before, but when I sat on the edge of the bed and tried to read my morning devotional out loud no sound came out! I showered, dressed and drove the few blocks to my sister’s house. She read my note and called my husband to tell him the problem, then called the doctor for me.
So began a bizarre four and a half month saga of frustration and doctors. I began to wonder if the Lord was going to leave me silent forever.
Life had to go on. I still had groceries to buy, banking to do—imagine walking up to the bank teller with a note! I became afraid in parking lots, afraid to walk in the park without my neighbor, but God had allowed this to happen and surely He would be my protector. I got a whistle for my keychain.
I had a Bible study to lead and no co-leader. I saw women blossom as they took their turn leading our small group in a safe, loving setting. I sat beside them to keep the time and write notes of encouragement and instruction. God was leading through a silent woman and we were blessed.
Four and one half months after waking to my silent world I visited a Speech Pathologist—my precious sister by my side. She assured me that my problem, though not common, was well-known to them and very curable. She estimated twelve sessions—it took four. God restored my voice, but I was not the same person.
Those months when I could not speak were so rich and full of God’s goodness! With no phone ringing and me in control of when I answered e-mails and text messages, I had fewer interruptions and I heard God so clearly! I journaled my experiences and feelings; it is a time I will never forget.
What keeps you from listening to God? Try ignoring that cell phone, leave the e-mails unanswered for a day. Spend some extra time with Him. Ask God what He wants to say to you, and get quiet enough to hear Him speak. You will never be the same.

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