Celebrate Your Marriage! – I’m taking today off!

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Celebrate Your Marriage! – I’m taking today off!

Celebrate your marriage! Never take your spouse for granted. Love unconditionally, and give 200% every day!



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Celebrate Your Marriage!

I’m taking this Friday off as my husband and I celebrate our 41st anniversary on Sunday! If you wonder why I write romance, it’s because I married a man who makes it so easy. I am grateful for each and every day we get to spend together. I have had cancer and long-term heart problems. He has a heart problem. We are learning to make the most of every day together because you never know what tomorrow might bring.

My husband is an engineer. I have spent more hours under bridges, on dirt roads, looking at sewer lines and construction projects than I can count. He is up at the crack of dawn and sometimes out late in the night because there are problems on a job. He has worked weekends, and forgotten our second anniversary, but every moment has been worth it. I have put on a hardhat and boots and gone out in the mud and muck with him. I know an excavator from a milling machine. I understand what he does and how hard he works.

Dirk - San Juan River


On the flip side, he has folded diapers, listened to stories of my nursing experiences that he didn’t want to hear, and listens to every word I write, offering advice and a man’s viewpoint. The man has attended writer’s conferences with me! He is my number one encourager. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this sweetheart of a man who appreciates my lackadaisical attempts at cooking, housekeeping, and a total lack of ironing because my body aches and I would rather write.

Norma - Trujillo Meadows 2010


The best advice I can offer after 41 years and 2 years of engagement is to make God the center of your life and your marriage, love with all your heart, forgive completely without bringing up past hurts, cherish every moment, and never allow worries about tomorrow to rob you of today. Honor your wedding vows, and if you haven’t, start over right now. Be grateful for all the good things and overlook the bad. None of us are perfect. Support and encourage each other in everything. Love for all you’re worth!

Wedding 1976

Glacier Park 2016


Treasure your marriage above everything except your relationship with God. It is of infinite value!

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