My Refuge

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I have asked the Lord many evenings
Why my days seemed filled with pain,
I have begged and pleaded with tears on my face,
And over the years His answer came:

“I have another path for you
Than some of my children trod;
It won’t be easy, you’ll not always see,
But you will learn to know your God.

“I may lead you through the desert
On a road of shifting sands;
But there’s joy at the end of the journey
If you never let go of My hands.

“Sometimes the way may be rocky,
It will bruise and scrape and shred,
You’ll feel that you can’t take another step,
But My strong shoulder will cradle your head.

“There are dark caves and many shadows,
But in My presence you will always be,
For the only way through the darkness
Is to take strong hold of Me.

“Yes, my child, other’s paths may seem easy,
It may appear that I shield their pain;
But there’s no greater joy in the sunshine
Unless you’ve first been through the rain.

“Your Savior was made perfect through suffering,
He had a heavy Cross to bear;
I won’t allow pain and struggle
Without the promise that His glory you’ll share.”

So if it seems you’re walking in darkness,
When the enemy is seeming to win;
Take your refuge in the arms of Jesus,
Heavenly Savior, and earthly Friend.

Copyright by Norma Gail Thurston Holtman. Do not use without written permission of the author.

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