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I love to write. As a Bible study leader I study a lot and devotionals are where I began as a professional writer. Each Monday I feature a devotional. Affectionately tagged as 2MefromHim, the title arose from the realization that whatever I write, at its best it is a message and gift from God to me.


Many times I just want to share something with my readers. Wandering  Wednesdays allow me to do that. I will cover a wide range of topics from thoughts about life to guest posts and interviews with other authors, to information about my book, Land of My Dreams. It’s always a surprise!


Fabulous Fridays will most often be a book review. Sometimes I will be able to offer a book as a giveaway, either straight from the author, or sometimes from my own bookshelf, if it is in like new condition. My shelves are overflowing with books I love, but no room for more! You, the reader, will benefit!


I hope you will join me on my journey, walking with the Lord, and sharing books between friends!

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