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Scotland ~ two broken hearts ~ and a mighty God

Alone and betrayed, American professor, Bonny Bryant longs for a haven of peace. She accepts a position at a small Christian college in Fort William, Scotland, craving escape from her painful past. The passionate love which develops when she meets fellow professor and sheep farmer, Kieran MacDonell, is something she never anticipated.

Kieran harbors a deep anger toward God in the face of his own devastating grief. When Bonny’s former fiancé reenters her life, Kieran’s loneliness draws him to a former student.

How will Bonny decide between her rivals? Can they set aside the past to make way for a future, or will it drive them apart?

Land of My Dreams spans the distance between New Mexico’s high desert mountains and the misty Scottish Highlands with a timeless story of overwhelming grief, undying love, and compelling faith.

Please join me as I share with you the story God has given to me.

My favorite quote from the book says it all:

 Sometimes the greatest blessings come when we leave the familiar behind and take a step of faith

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Book Endorsements

Norma Gail’s debut novel shows a mastery of the craft and technique of writing, unusual in a new author. Land of My Land of My Dreams cover smDreams flows easily between crisp, nicely blending narrative, description, and dialog, making the story easy to read right from the start.   ~ Michael Phillips, CBA Bestselling Author


 Norma writes with a flair that will wrap you in suspense and romance, transporting you into the setting of New Mexico and Scotland. If you need the place to escape to for a few hours, this is a wonderful book that will sweep you away. ~ Jennifer Hudson Taylor, award winning author of the Highland series and The MacGregor Quest series.


 Land of My Dreams is aptly titled. The novelist, Norma Gail, drew me into the setting as a rich part of the story. With delightful descriptions, Scotland slipped into my mind in full-blown images. I truly did not want to stop reading, so smoothly did the story wrap around and through my imagination. Exactly what a book is supposed to do–transport me to another place and time without a recognition of the transplant. ~ Angela Breidenbach, author of A Healing Heart and Snowflake Tiara.


 Land of My Dreams is a winner in so many ways. That it is the debut novel of author Norma Gail makes it certain that it won’t be her last. The setting is spectacular, another character in this classic love story not only of Bonny Bryant and Kieran MacDonnell but also of God and His children. As Bonny and Kieran discover that God has ordained that beauty rises out of ashes, they rediscover the faith they had abandoned as a result of tragedy in their lives. Land of My Dreams is a truly satisfying read. ~ Marjorie Vawter, ACFW Genesis Short Novel Category Coordinator, Freelance Editor, CCWC & GPCWC Assistant to the Director and Appointments Coordinator, ACFW Central Zone Director


What People Are Saying About Land of My Dreams

“This is more than a love story. It’s a story of hope for people who have suffered loss, either by death, divorce or a broken OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArelationship. It’s a story of how God’s strength can take us through our darkest hour and bring us into the light of His love.” Sandra R. Archuleta

“[A] captivating love story that made me laugh, cry, worry, sigh, smile…” Brenda

“Here’s a book that’s got it all–love, loss, romance, rivalry, hope, betrayal, faith, uncertainty, the list goes on an on. In her debut novel, Land of My Dreams, Norma Gail superbly delivers a passionate, intriguing romance in magnificently beautiful settings.” Kendra

“Land of My Dreams is an exceptional novel. Yes, it’s a love story, a wonderful, engaging love story. But it’s so much more. It’s exploration of the themes of grief, loss of faith and betrayal are interwoven seamlessly in this story and deeply explored through the characters and their circumstances.” R. Pennington

“This tale is truly one of romance and the meeting of two souls who are destined to be together.” Jan Thacker

“Norma Gail has written what Christian fiction should be – a witness to God’s great love!” Marcia Brown

“[S]igh-worthy scenes that will nourish a romantic heart without offending one’s Christian values.” Elaine Marie Cooper

“Lovely story. Would love to read the sequel.” Susan Doney

“[G]rab your cup of Scottish tea, sit down and spend time with this wonderful tale.” LLS

“[T]his is a compelling, Christ-filled book that left me deeply happy. I highly recommend it.” oregonheidi

“It is one of the best stories I have read in many, many years.” Debbie Marquez”

“Gail writes a beautiful love story of determination, acceptance, and forgiveness…” Conny Withay

“The characters are believable and the honesty with which the story develops is so real that you’ll find yourself crying and 491 Loch Garry 400laughing alongside them.” deha

“I can see Scotland in my minds eye! Norma Gail has a way of using words that bring the story and the scenery to life.” Carmen Duarte

“Norma Gail hits the nail on the head about how easy it can be to just give up and let stubborn pride take over when tragedy strikes. She also provides a wonderful reminder that God will remain in the shadows and nudge us until we submit to His will on our own, and that His love never fails. I look forward to the continuation of this delightful story.” Jannell Rempel

“The landscape comes alive, and the use of Scottish words and phrases adds to the depth of the story. A really good read.” cori

“If you’ve ever lost a dream only to discover God had a better one in mind, you will relate to this tale of two brokenhearted dreamers brought together in a land of beauty and romance.” jcbride

“A truly beautiful story of healing and redemption…eck out Land of My Dreams even if you’re not typically drawn to contemporary romance…I think you’ll be blessed.” kplog

“Land of My Dreams is an exceptional novel. Yes, it’s a love story, a wonderful, engaging love story. But it’s so much more. It’s exploration of the themes of grief, loss of faith and betrayal are interwoven seamlessly in this story and deeply explored through the characters and their circumstances.” R. Pennington

“Land of My Dreams is a beautifully descriptive, wildly romantic work of fiction. Ms. Gail has achieved such a beautiful Land of My Dreams Crainlarich  -heather 400balance of action, adventure, exotic landscape, romantic tension and discovery of the true path to a relationship with our Lord and Savior.
“I hurt for the characters and rejoiced with them as well.
“I sincerely hope there is a sequel to this amazing story of true love and God’s amazing plans for each of us.” Andie “story hunter

“Very intriguing book! Norma Gail is a gifted Christian writer with a true passion for God…I have a feeling this is the first book from a new series and I am looking forward to reading more.” AustejaKitchen

“I highly recommend this book for enthusiasts of Scotland, New Mexico, Christian Romance, and those who have enjoyed the works of other big names for Christian books set in Scotland such as Michael Phillips.” Brian L. Rogers

“Not often do I find a romance with interesting plot lines, intriguing characters, and un-preachy spirituality combined with adventure in the Scottish Highlands.” Azalea L. Dabill

“I haven’t read a Christian romance novel is a while because I just got tired of reading the same thing over and over. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the book and the characters. This is Norma’s first book, but I know there will be many more. I highly recommend the book.” wmumom

“Beautiful descriptions of Scotland and likeable main characters. This novel has enough twists and turns and ups and downs to keep any lover of romance turning the pages.” Denise K. Loock


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